Not-my-Grandma’s Muesli

It is said that smell is the strongest of our five senses that is linked to memory. Smell is also incredibly important for our ability to taste food; flavour is a combination of both taste and smell. It is no wonder then, that the taste of my Grandma’s home-made muesli evokes in me hundreds of memories of sitting at the breakfast table on visits to their house. As far back as I can remember, my grandparents have always had the same routine; they set the breakfast table the night before, so when we wake in the morning we can grab the milk and the home-bottled fruit out of the refrigerator and dig in. Grandma and I would always have her muesli; Grandad would have weetbix. Then we would all have one piece of toast each, and as I got older, I would join them for a cup of coffee.

As I trialled the primal lifestyle, breakfast was the hardest meal for me to change. Muesli with milk, or toast with butter and jam are both super easy and convenient. In contrast, the primal options of eggs or smoothies were not so quick and easy. To help with this transition, and as a bit of a treat, I created a muesli that tastes almost exactly the same as Grandma’s but contains no wheat or oats. The first time I had a mouthful, I was taken right back to that table in sunny Blenheim.

It contains buckwheat instead of oats, which are not technically primal because they are quite high in carbs (around 80%), but they do not contain any gluten, they are not a grain, and they are high in vitamins and minerals. I don’t eat this every day, but it is great for camping (stores and travels well) or days when I know I’ll use a lot of energy.



As anyone who has made muesli before will know, exact measurements are not necessary. Use them as a rough guide, and double or halve or quadruple the recipe as desired.

5  cups organic buckwheat groats
1 cup sunflower seed, pumpkin seed and almond mix
2/3 cup shaved coconut
1/2 cup sultanas or raisons, or goji berries
1/4 cup chia seeds
1/4 tspn cinnamon


Combine all ingredients and stir well to ensure an even mix. I usually store my muesli in the bag that the buckwheat came in. In summer you can serve with fresh blueberries, or whatever berry or fruit that takes your fancy. If served with almond milk then this dish is vegan.