Asparagus with Peppery Hollandaise Sauce

A friend recently complained that I don’t have any lunch posts on here yet. I mean, there’s no rule that you have to make the ‘dinners’ for dinner, and I often eat the leftovers for lunch any way. But here is a small, simple meal for a light summer lunch. I say simple – that is, if you’ve mastered the hollandaise sauce. I love hollandaise sauce so much. I wish it was a beverage so I could just drink it all up. Or a dessert so I could eat it with a spoon.



Hollandaise Sauce – Ingredients 

  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tspn white wine vinegar
  • 60g salted butter
  • pepper

Place egg yolk in a small bowl with salt and pepper and whisk thoroughly. Slowly add warmed lemon juice and vinegar while continuing to whisk.

Melt butter carefully, without letting it brown. Slowly drizzle it into the egg yolk mix while whisking vigorously. Continue to whisk until it has reached the desired consistency. If it cools down or starts to split before you are ready to use it, add a teaspoon of boiling water and – you guessed it – whisk some more!


One bunch of asparagus
1 or 2 eggs per person
1 tbsp vinegar
1 tspn salt

Lightly steam the asparagus to your desired consistency (some people like their vegetables crunchy, others like them soft and mushy).

To poach the eggs, here’s a new trick which I read in The Four Hour Chef. Well, it’s new to me, because I used to boil the water, then make a whirlpool and put the egg in that. It turns out that is wrong! Add vinegar and salt to water in a small saucepan, about 4cm deep. Bring water to a simmer – you should just be able to see bubbles forming on the bottom. Lower temperature of the stovetop to the lowest setting. Crack an egg and slowly, gently, pour it into the still water. Set timer for 4 minutes, and leave it alone. The water should not boil, just stay hot. After the 4 minutes, get  fish slice or spatula and slide under the egg. Drape carefully over the asparagus, and then smother it in the peppery  hollandaise sauce.



Let me know if that egg poaching method works for you!