Moorish Mayonnaise

It is actually very easy to make your own condiments; I often make them in small portions  rather than in bulk as I don’t have a lot of ingredients on hand – a side effect of having a tiny, compact kitchen  and an even smaller fridge.

This mayonnaise is very rich, especially as I have used all olive oil. If you want a lighter flavour, try blending with macadamia nut oil or avocado oil. None of this over-processed canola oil please! I love olive oil, so I really enjoy this mayonnaise.


1 egg
1 capful apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
1 cup light-in-flavour olive oil
Salt and pepper



Crack the egg into a small bowl, and add the vinegar and salt and pepper. Using an egg-beater or a hand blender, blend the egg well. Slowly pour in the oil, continuously beating the eggs. It is important to pour slowly in order to emulsify the egg and oil. Keep pouring the oil slowly while beating, until it thickens up. Then you can add the oil in a more steady stream until you have used 1 cup. The mayonnaise should be nice and thick, and coat the back of a spoon.


Tip: only use egg yolk if you want a thicker mayo

Tip: add some crushed garlic to make aioli

Tip: add finely diced pickles and chopped dill for tartare sauce

Tip: add crushed garlic, grated parmesan, 1/2 tspn dry mustard, finely chopped anchovies (that last part is optional!) for make caesar dressing