Home-made Vanilla Essence

To make you’re own vanilla essence is super easy, and a great gift idea! All you need is a few ingredients, clean glass bottles and some pretty labels. Oh, and a lot of time! I let my batch sit for 6 months to absorb the flavours before I gave them away. It can be used for baking, or if you want, to make some delicious cocktails.

Ingredients – to make 4 bottles 

1 litre of vodka
4 large whole vanilla pods
4 clean glass bottles with lids
Sticky labels


Make sure your glass bottles are thoroughly clean. I used San Pelligrino sparkling water 250ml glass bottles and painted the lids with some gold paint.

Fold your vanilla pods in half and place one in each bottle. Fill to the top with the vodka. Optional: replace ¼ or ½ of the vodka with brandy for a slightly different flavour!

Put the lid on securely, label with the your own message and the date, then place in storage for at least three months.

Easy peasy.

vanilla essence