Who am I?


I am Kat, a kiwi girl who has made her way to the UK. I now live right by the sea in the bustling southern city of Brighton; I can walk to work every day with the fresh sea breeze (gale?) in my hair, and I’m still only an hour away from London. Life is good, but I am so far away from home! This blog is a way for me to share healthy recipes and my reasonably extensive traveling experiences with the friends and family I have at home and scattered around the world. I also wish to delve into the history of cuisine as I explore various regions of the globe, to gain an understanding of where our food comes from and why we eat what we eat every day.

I have a Bachelor of Food Technology,  and a Masters in Dairy Science (of all things). My Dad is a chef and my Mum was a doctor, and I was very lucky to have grown up in rural NZ, where we had a huge vegetable garden, and many a creek to play in or tree to climb. We ate good food, enjoyed the outdoors and McDonalds was a rare ‘treat’ for us. 

As a kiwi, coming from so far away, I absolutely love the closeness of Europe and how easy it is to travel. I love learning about new cultures, different food traditions, exploring new places and meeting incredible people along the way. I am also crazy about food; eating it, smelling it, learning about it, creating recipes, throwing dinner parties, exploring restaurants and markets.

I believe that we have lost touch with food and its primary function of nurturing the body. I want to get back to using food in its natural state, food that supports the body rather than poisons it. But I want to do it in a way that shows that food is delicious, gourmet, easy and HEALTHY! 

This blog is both about my journey into a more primal lifestyle, as well as my explorations through countries I’ve never been before, sampling foods and lifestyles that may be ancient, but are new to me. I hope you enjoy.






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